The Duffy & Lee Carpet Company
We are the difference!
est. 1966

   A Minority Business Enterprise

Installation is a critical and very visible part of our service. All of our installers are required to undergo a four year internal training program. They make a commitment to quality and service, which is equal to our overall company policy. They are the best in the industry. By training and by experience, they are veterans. They work with state of the art equipment and techniques. Their professionalism avoids most on-site problems. They are all full time Duffy & Lee Carpet Company employees, responsible only to our customer and ourselves.

Our crew of 65 installation craftsmen specialize in servicing wiltons, tufted axminster, and modular carpet finishes. We continue to train in both the old and new techniques of our trade by teaching hand sewing, custom inserts, rug fabrication, double stick installations, and our own "in-house" furniture "lift" system.

Our 100% in-house installation craftsmen set us apart for our competition. No other flooring contractor in Florida can man projects of magnitude exclusively from their internal labor pool becuase these companies use piece workers. We do not and will never use subcontracted labor; you will always be serviced by a full time Duffy & Lee Carpet Company employee.

Our sales associates often work together as teams, frequently including an installation veteran, who adds field knowledge and site experience to the equation. Every installation detail is covered up front, making sure there are no surprises for the customer on the day of installation.

The Duffy & Lee Carpet Company's motto is "We are the difference!" This is based upon the quality and value we deliver to every flooring project. From our trained installation craftsmen to our knowledgeable sale personnel, the Duffy & Lee Carpet Company is the difference in flooring installations.

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